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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Tetris Battle Cheat, Hacks And Bots In Facebook

Tetris Battle Good Hack NEW!

This Tetris Battle cheat is the newest so far. It has been used just this 24th of November. That's how totally new this is. The features of this hack are the following:
  • boasts 1000 lines sent
  • 500 EXP
  • 1 KO Finish
  • 99 Coins gained per game
  • Unlimited Mino Collection for unlimited energy
  • Tuning Hack
Just follow the steps below:

Google Chrome
Fiddler 2
Tetris Battle Account

1. Download the file listed above and extract;
2. After extraction, look and execute the Fiddler2 Setup then install it;
3. After installation, restart Google Chrome and then open Fiddler.exe;
4. Go then to the Auto Responder tab, check on "Enable Automatic Responses and Unmatched Request Passthrough";
9. Go back to the Fiddler folder and grab all the files including the init (except the Notepad file) to Fiddler;
10. Go back to your Google Chrome window and clear the cache. After that log-in to Facebook and open your Tetris Battle account. Then enjoy the hack.

Hack Proof:

Coder's note: The EXP cheat will bug your level so you can abuse your Tetris cash. Use it on your advantage. On the other hand, if you don't want to get the EXP cheat do not put the global.xml file in the Fiddler2 grab transfer. Everything in this Tetris Battle hack (including cash gained) is saveable except the levels. 

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Tetris Battle Cheat - 99 Exp and 99 Coin Hack plus Bot NEW!
( Tetris Battle 99 Exp Hach, Tetris Battle 99 Coin Hack)

This is a good hack for Tetris Battle which a lot of players are searching for. The following are the features of this hack:
  • Bot Hack
  • SuperBot Hack
  • 99 Exp Hack
  • 99 Coin Hack
FireFox or Chrome
Marathon 1p (NormalSpeedBot)
Marathon 1p (NormalGame + NoBot)
Marathon 1p  (SuperSpeedBot)

1.  Open Fiddler and Click Autoresponder tab.
2.  Check the two boxes and drag the file you have just downloaded.
3.  Click "SAVE" to your Fiddler.
4.  Clear Cache to your Fiddler and to your Browser.
5.  Go to Tetris >> Marathon

Note: This hack works on Marathon only. Don't try on other settings because you're just wasting your time.

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How To Clear Cache:

Mozilla Firefox : 
Click Tools > Clear Recent History > Click Cache > Press Clear Now

Google Chrome:
Click Tools Icon (at the top right) > Click Options > Under The Hood > Clear Browser Cache


  1. were is download Links

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    1. you can google fiddler 2 and download it.

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  3. where to download the files ? i know fiddler 2 but the hack file ?

  4. i have done everything you said and nothing is working maybe im doing something wrong can you help? i play everyday...