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Friday, January 6, 2012

Whale Sharks Sighted Off Oslob, Cebu Boost Tourism In The Area

The town of Oslob in southern Cebu noted a sudden increase in the number of tourists. They can only think of one reason - whale sharks.

In the past three months, whale sharks have been seen off Barangay Tan-awan, Oslob. From just one, seven - including two pups - where seen interacting with divers.

Through word of mouth, people have started going to Tan-awan to swim with the whale sharks.
Boost In Tourism

Lives of coastal residents in the town changed when "tame" whale sharks, locally known as butanding, appeared in their waters, attracting curious foreigners and locals and boosting tourism in the area.

Fishermen in the area have been earning more by acting as tourist guides. They take guests aboard their bancas to the spot where the whale sharks congregate.

Tourist feed the whale sharks small fish and  krill to make the creatures stay. But the behavioral pattern of the whale shark has changed. What will happen if people stops feeding them?

According to the Internet, whale sharks inhabit tropical and warm-temperate seas. They migrate to spawn to Australia's west coast, where the supply of plankton, their main source of food, is abundant.

Now, the local government are doing its best to take good care of these creatures and formulating   guidelines that will ensure the protection of the whale sharks and viewers and the livelihood of fishermen in the area.


  1. The rule says not to touch the butanding for the latter's own safety. So let me ask, why is the guy in the first picture touching the butanding to have his picture taken? So stupid and inconsiderate of him. No wonder there's a lot of protests against te exploitation of these whale sharks. This picture confirms everything.

    1. This is why the burandings are dissapearing in Donsol, to many boats, to many people, no respect! In heaven's sake leave those beautifull creatures alone and have some respect! Everybody wants to enjoy them but keep your distance....