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Sunday, December 25, 2011

DOTA 2 Gondar (Bounty Hunter) Preview

Bounty Hunter is a Radiant agility hero added in Dota 2 12/21/11 update. His name completely reflects his capabilities. He can work as a Bounty Hunter for a team by easily targeting weak opponent heroes in the battlefield. He is a hard carry hero with high damage nukes, slow and a perfect escape route through windwalk. Check out the Valve’s version of Bounty Hunter.

DOTA 2 Gondar (Bounty Hunter) Preview

Here are some in-game screenshots on the DOTA 2 Gondar with it's skills:

Bounty Hunter’s 1st Skill – Shuriken Toss

Bounty Hunter’s 2nd Skill – Jinada (passive)

Bounty Hunter’s 3rd Skill – Windwalk

Bounty Hunter Ultimate Skill – Track

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Friday, December 23, 2011

Typhoon Sendong Destroyed Thousands Of Lives In Cagayan de Oro, Philippines

Last December 17, 2011, a typhoon named Sendong hit the Philippines. Typhoon Sendong's strongest impact was in Cagayan de Oro, destroying a lot of lives and properties.

Up to date (December 23, 2011), more than 1000 individuals died (1,061 to be exact) and 1,063 individuals are injured. The number of deaths may increase in the passing days because there are still people missing after the typhoon.

Typhoon Sendong is considered the strongest and believe to be the last typhoon to hit the Philippines this years.
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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tetris Battle Cheats And Hacks On Facebook

Tetris Battle Unlimited Energy, Armor and Fully Tuned

This new Tetris Battle cheat is working as of Jan. 02, 2012, and I can vouch for it, unless it gets patched. Features unlimited energy and unlimited armor, plus Fully Tuned. Only permanent thing here is the energy. Everything else is temporary once you end your game.

Status: Working as of Jan. 02, 2012

Google Chrome
Complete and Init hack files (Download here)
Tetris Battle account

1. Download and extract the file above. Install Fiddler2 then restart your browser;
2. Run Fiddler2 then go to Autoresponder tab;
3. Check "Enable automatic responses" and "unmatched requests passthrough";
4. Drag the Complete and Init hack files to the given space on the Autoresponder tab. Clear Google Chrome's cache right after dragging the Tetris Battle hack files;
5. Start Google Chrome, log-in your Tetris Battle account and play. Fully Tuned and Infinite Armor are automatically enabled;
6. Go to the energy bag and click "Collect Bonus" to activate Infinite Energy. 

Proof that this Tetris Battle cheat is working:


Tetris Battle Cheats And Hacks

This Tetris Battle cheat is the newest so far. It has been used just this 24th of November. That's how totally new this is. The features of this hack are the following:
  • boasts 1000 lines sent
  • 500 EXP
  • 1 KO Finish
  • 99 Coins gained per game
  • Unlimited Mino Collection for unlimited energy
  • Tuning Hack
Just follow the steps below:

Google Chrome
Fiddler 2
Tetris Battle Account

1. Download the file listed above and extract;
2. After extraction, look and execute the Fiddler2 Setup then install it;
3. After installation, restart Google Chrome and then open Fiddler.exe;
4. Go then to the Auto Responder tab, check on "Enable Automatic Responses and Unmatched Request Passthrough";
9. Go back to the Fiddler folder and grab all the files including the init (except the Notepad file) to Fiddler;
10. Go back to your Google Chrome window and clear the cache. After that log-in to Facebook and open your Tetris Battle account. Then enjoy the hack.

Hack Proof:

Coder's note: The EXP cheat will bug your level so you can abuse your Tetris cash. Use it on your advantage. On the other hand, if you don't want to get the EXP cheat do not put the global.xml file in the Fiddler2 grab transfer. Everything in this Tetris Battle hack (including cash gained) is saveable except the levels. 

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Tetris Battle Cheat - 99 Exp and 99 Coin Hack plus Bot NEW!
( Tetris Battle 99 Exp Hack, Tetris Battle 99 Coin Hack)

This is a good hack for Tetris Battle which a lot of players are searching for. The following are the features of this hack:
  • Bot Hack
  • SuperBot Hack
  • 99 Exp Hack
  • 99 Coin Hack
FireFox or Chrome
Marathon 1p (NormalSpeedBot)
Marathon 1p (NormalGame + NoBot)
Marathon 1p  (SuperSpeedBot)

1.  Open Fiddler and Click Autoresponder tab.
2.  Check the two boxes and drag the file you have just downloaded.
3.  Click "SAVE" to your Fiddler.
4.  Clear Cache to your Fiddler and to your Browser.
5.  Go to Tetris >> Marathon

Note: This hack works on Marathon only. Don't try on other settings because you're just wasting your time.

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Cheers

We all know that Christmas is near. There's always something in the air that makes you feel warm and tingly. What are your favorite things about the Christmas season? Here are some of mine:

Christmas Carols
We especially like singing along during mass when the Advent Season begins because our church choirs start picking some of the best carols ever composed. The best part is, we all know the lyrics to these especial songs.

Christmas Colors
The house seems to have a burst of color this time of the year. All the bright red ribbons and green and gold trimmings are in every nook and cranny. it's especially cheerful to see all these ornaments hanging around the house.

Christmas Feast
All the food is surely mouth-watering. We begin seeing our favorites like ham, fruit salad, spaghetti and all kinds of desserts strewn all over the dining table and we sure can't get enough of it.

Christmas Weather
The air is definitely cooler these days! There's a wonderful feeling about cool air that's fresh and natural and not coming from an air conditioner.

Christmas Kindness
Is it just me, or is everyone else nice as Christmas time appears? Wether it's just some people trying to get on Santa's nice list or the good cheer is spreading quickly, we all know everyone seem to be in a good mood.

Christmas Presents
It's a lot of fun opening of presents. But, believe it or not, it's so much more fun giving to others. There's pure joy that comes from seeing someone smile because of something you gave and that's actually why we're all so happy come Christmas time.

What do you think? Is there something lacking? Hit the comment box and add your favorite things in Christmas Season.
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Sea Knights Note Lack Of Guidance For Tours In Handling Whale Sharks In Oslob, Cebu

Tourism-wise, the development in Tan-awan would be good for Oslob and turn the town into an alternative destination to Donsol, Sorsogon where tourists can swim with the gigantic but docile sea creatures.

However, what might be good to the local tourism and livelihood of the fishermen may be harmful to the whale sharks.

There were reports that even the boatmen do not know how to handle the whale sharks. Some even rode on them underwater and held their dorsal find and gills.

Upon hearing this, the Sea Knights - a group of divers who consider themselves stewards of the sea - went to Oslob to check.

The group was able to measure the biggest whale shark in the area, at eight meters. The smallest one they found was five meters in length.

The Sea Knights also wanted to observe how the locals handle the creatures and how much information dissemination on proper handling is needed.

Fr. Charlie Orobia, OAR, Sea Knights vice president and also vice president for students welfare at the University of San Jose - Recoletos, noted that tourist who go to Oslob are allowed to touch the Whale Sharks even if the guides tell them not to.

"They should never be touched because Whale Sharks are very rare species and they are susceptible to diseases. The boats should maintain a certain distance. There is a need to educate the boatmen and to let them understand their responsibilities. Tourist also be briefed on the dos and don'ts before taking a plunge," said Fr. Orobia.

He said that while the presence of the whale sharks will usher in mass tourism and help boost the economy in the town, residents should take care of the whale sharks and the marine ecosystem in the sea.
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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Whale Sharks Sighted Off Oslob, Cebu

The town of Oslob in southern Cebu noted a sudden increase in the number of tourists. They can only think of one reason - whale sharks.

In the past three months, whale sharks have been seen off Barangay Tan-awan, Oslob. From just one, seven - including two pups - where seen interacting with divers.

Reneboy Sevila, who helped organize a group of fishermen to become tourist guides, said that at first they did not mind the presence of the whale sharks (locally known as tuki). However, the whale sharks started to compete with the fishermen in catching tiny shrimps called uyap.

Sevila said they realized they could turn the phenomenon into a tourism attraction when they learned that they could feed the whale sharks near the sea's surface.

Through word of mouth, people have started going to Tan-awan to swim with the whale sharks.
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Australian National Filed A Case Against PagCor For Lacking Precautionary Measures

An Australian National filed a case against the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PagCor) for lacking "precautionary measures" in their place which results to her injury last year.

Ana Yu Fong Cheng Wong, residing in Mabolo, Cebu City, ask the Regional Trial Court (RTC) to claim Php450,000.00 from PagCor for the danages caused by the incident.

In the case filed, Wong stated that PagCor failed to dry the water flowed near the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) which results to her injury.

PagCor said the they made all the necessary actions for the incident which involves Wong but the Australian National explained that she was forced to sign the "quitclaim" by a PagCor representative even though she has injury.

Part of the Php450,000.00 claim from PagCor is the hp200,000.00 moral damages; Php100,000.00 actual damages; Php100,000.00 attorney's fees and a Php50,000.00 exemplary damages.
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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Justin Bieber's "Under The Mistletoe"

Parents are likely to buy Justin Bieber's Christmas Album for their kids and pray that their young ones will only play it through their headphones. But the elders be missing out. Bieber's "Under The Mistletoe" is a thoroughly entertaining offering for all ages - sometimes even more so for the adults.

Although he's still a teen hearthrob, there's little child like about this album (except for the song "Someday at Christmas," which closes out the deluxe CD, where a much younger Bieber channels Michael Jackson).

Bieber's voice has deepened, and the bubble gum sound has given way to a more mature, soulful sound. Bieber sounds convincingly romantic on the album's opener,"The Only Thing I Ever Get For Christmas." And on the soulful upbeat groove "Fa La La," with guests Boys II Men.

Bieber breaths new life into old standbys, and offers up new songs that have the potential to become future classics. Even if you don't have kids,"Under The Mistletoe" should be under your Christmas tree.
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Carla Abellana Maintains Wholesome Image Despite Sexy Pictorial

GMA 7 actress Carla Abellana  said boyfriend Geoff Eigenman knows about her daring print pictorial and the latter supports her showbiz career.

After the movie "My Neighbor's Wife," Carla now endorses an alcoholic beverage which has fueled speculations that she's ready for more mature and sexier print ads.

Carla stated that she will maintain her wholesome image and Geoff is aware of her sexy print ads.

"He knew about the photos, even before the pictorial was done and the calendar was launched. He's proud of me," Carla said.

"She did not need my approval for anything. It's okay with me. Carla thinks of every decision she was to go through. Whatever she decides on, I will support her," Geoff confirmed.

Carla will soon star the Asiong Salonga Story with Gov. ER Ejercito for the upcoming 2011Metro Manila Film Festival, where she has a steamy kissing scene with him.
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Monday, December 12, 2011

ASUS Introduces New N Series

When was the last time you heard something incredible on a laptop?

Introducing the new ASUS N Series. This new laptop model from ASUS uses an Intel Core i5 processor and has more great featured than other laptops have.

ASUS N Series Featured:

More Performance
  • Smarter 2nd Generation Intel Core i5 processor pack visible puch.

More Ap
  • High Voltage Professional Grade 11W amp.

More Speaker
  • X2 32mm cones with upward facing drivers.

More Frequency
  • Co-engineered sound by Bang & Olufsen ICEpower and ASUS Sensitivity & Engineering Labs.

More Range
  • External SonicMaster subwoofer.

More Volume
  • Larger transducers and deeper resonance chambers.

ASUS N Series Technical Specs:

 ASUS N55SF     (Price:  Php44,995.00)

  • Intel Core i5-2430 processor
  • Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium
  • NVIDIA GeForce GT555 2GB Graphics
  • 4GB DDR3 memory
  • 750GB hard drive
  • 15" LED Display
  • Bang & Olufsen ICEpower Audio w/ SonicMaster technology
  • USB 3.0
  • External subwoofer

ASUS N43SL     (Price:  Php37,995.00)

  • Intel Core i5-2410M processor
  • DOS
  • NVIDIA GeForce GT520M 1GB Graphics
  • 2GB DDR3 memory
  • 500GB hard drive
  • 14" LED Display
  • Bang & Olufsen ICEpower Audio w/ SonicMaster technology
  • USB 3.0
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my|phone B88 Duo The First - Of - Its - Kind

Only Orig for the Orig!

Whether it's identifying, authentic money (B88 Duo) or bringing in original, new technology (the first to bring Dual Sim technology to the Philippines), even promoting original Pinoy music (Music Album Phone) and creating original content (Pinoy Phone Apps), my|phone supports everything original.

This is why my|phone supports the governments' campaign against counterfeit money through the new my|phone B88 Duo anti-fake money phone. With this First-of-its-kind mobile phone, my|phone would like to give Filipinos the means to avoid being tricked into accepting or using fake money.

But more than just a counterfeit money detector, the my|phone B88 Duo is fully loaded with its dual sim feature, camera, wireless FM radio, video player, music player and 8GB Micro SD card slot. At an unbelievable price of Php888.00, there is no doubt that the my|phone B88 Duo is all about giving value for money to price-concious Filipinos.

From providing technology that's affordable for every Filipino to protecting them from being victims of counterfeit money, my|phone always keeps the welfare of every Filipino in mind.
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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bautista Retained IBF Featherweight Title Against Mendoza

Mendoza's plan failed in his fight with Rey "Boom Boom" Bautista whom he liked to knockout in the 6th round.

The Filipino featherweight champion Rey "Boom Boom" Bautista defeated Mexican Miguel Angel Mendoza in style, stopping the challenger in the sixth round of the main event of Pinoy Pride X at the Hoops Dome in Cebu Saturday night.

Bautista floored Mendoza with a left hook to the head in the middle of the sixth round, and Mendoza was counted out by referee Danrex Tapdasan. It was a strong performance for Bautista, who retained his International Boxing Federation (IBF) featherweight title in the process.

Bautista showed patience throughout the bout, refusing to get caught in a brawl with Mendoza who has a reputation for being a knockout artist. But it was Bautista who showed his power first, sending Mendoza to the canvas twice in the first round with quick left straights.

The Mexican fighter started to bleed in the second round, but still continued to challenge "Boom Boom." He was not very effective in his offensive attack, however, opting to go for wild, swinging punches that often hit nothing but air. Bautista also showed his ability to take a punch as he decided to stay in front of Mendoza for most of the bout. Despite getting tagged with some punches from the Mexican, "Boom Boom" stayed up right and was able to counter with short punches to Mendoza's head.

The fight was marred with several timeouts, however, as referee Tapdasan warned both fighters for low blows. He also stopped the clock to give Mendoza time to get checked out by the ringside doctor. For Mendoza, it was the first loss of his career and his first fight that went past the fifth round. He had won each of his past 17 fights via knockout.
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Viloria Retains WBO Flyweight Title Against Pound-For-Pound No.9 Segura

Brian "The Hawaiian Punch" Viloria retained his World Boxing Organization (WBO) flyweight championship with an 8th round technical knockout victory over Mexico's Giovani Segura Sunday at the Ynares Sports Arena in Pasig City.

Although he was the defending champion, Viloria was considered an underdog going into the bout, as Segura is ranked number 9 in The RING's pound-for-pound ratings.

Viloria showed impressive skill and heart in his performance, bloodying Segura en route to a stoppage victory. The referee called a stop to the fight at the 0:29 mark of the 8th round, saving the challenger from more punishment.

Segura was the more aggressive fighter at the start of the bout, but Viloria was more effective. The Filipino-American boxer peppered the Mexican with a steady stream of hooks from the second round onward, causing Segura to start bleeding.

A lump formed on Segura's right temple at the end of the second round, which grew larger as Viloria continuously targeted his head. But the Mexican boxer remained aggressive, going inside and landing hard shots against Viloria.

But Segura was fading by the 7th round, and though he was able to answer the bell for the 8th round, the referee called a stop to the fight after seeing the challenger get peppered with a bevy of shots from Viloria.
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Viloria Defends WBO Flyweight Belt

Brian Viloria defends WBO Flyweight belt against pound-for-pound No.9 Giovanni Segura.

The Filipino - Hawaiian Brian Viloria will have one of the toughest fights of his career today (11th December, 2011) as he defends his World Boxing Organization (WBO) Flyweight Title against The Ring Magazine's No.9 Giovanni Segura in "Island Assault 3" at the Ynares Sports Arena in Pasig City.

Villoria is onhis first title defense of the WBO title he won against Julio Cesar Miranda by unanimous decision last July this year. The 29-year-old Segura , on the other hand, is looking at capturing his second division world title after dominating the Light Flyweight Division as the WBO and WBA champion.

Everyone should expect fireworks as both fighters are hard-hitters. Villoria having a record of 29-3 with 16 knockouts, while Segura with the record of 28-1-1 with 24 knockouts.

Viloria has won his last three fights since moving up in weight. Segura, in the meantime, hasn't been beaten in nine fights, all by knockouts.
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my|phone Introduces B88 Duo The First Mobile Phone That Detects Fake Money

my|phone introduces the Philippines First Mobile Phone that can detect fake money.

my|phone knows that every Filipino works hard to earn a living. Every peso counts, especially now with Christmas just around the corner. Now my|phone is providing a technology that's affordable for every Pinoy to protect them from being victims of counterfeit money.

The best way to check the authenticity of your money is to use a UV light. UV lights are the most sophisticated detectors available to the public. But most UV lights aren't portable and at around Php3,000.00 each, are hardly affordable.

That's why my|phone, who has brought technology to the masses at affordable prices, has equipped its B88 Duo with a patented UV light system. This is the world's first mobile phone equipped with an ultraviolet light.

With the UV light, you can check immediately if the money you've received is authentic. That means you can catch a fake instantly, avoiding the hassle of having to check them to the bank. Also, it's simple to use - all you have to do is aim the light at the bill and it will reveal the security markings that are embedded in Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas' authenticated bill.

The my|phone B88 Duo can also detect other fake and sensitive documents like passports, driver's licenses, credit cards and foreign banknotes - basically that has a UV watermark and embedded security fibers that are visible only under ultraviolet light.
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Saturday, December 10, 2011

NBA Stops Lakers From Getting Chris Paul

The National Basketball Association (NBA) rejected the proposed three-team trade which involves the All-Star Pointguard Chris Paul from the New Orleans Hornets sent to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Part of this agreement is Lamar Odom from the Lakers sent to New Orleans and Pau Gasol from the Lakers to the Houston Rockets.

After the failure of the trade, Chris Paul simply has a "WoW" status in his Twitter account. Lamar Odom also had a message on hi page,"When a team trades u and it doesn't go down? Now what?"

The NBA commissioner David Stern explained that it's not true that the team owners didn't agree in the proposed three-team trade that's why it didn't push through.

"It's not true that the owners killed the deal, the deal was never discussed at the Board of Governors meeting and the league office declined to make the trade for basketball reasons," said league Spokesman Mike Bass.
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$50 Million Each Fighter In Pacquiao-Mayweather Fight

After celebrating his 80th birthday, Top Rank boss still talked about the awaited fight in the world of boxing between the pound-for-pound champion Manny Pacquiao and the undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr. 

According to Bob Arum, he haven't made any decision yet on which investors to consider in the biggest fight in the world of boxing.

"We have not resumed the Pacquiao-Mayweather negotiation though I believe Pacquiao-Mayweather fight will happen because, for such a potentially biggest fight on the century, it would be very, very stupid for it not to happen," Bob Arum said.

The Top Rank boss said that if the said fight will push through, it will be a sold fight and will earn the biggest profit in the world of boxing. More than 50 million US dollars will be received by each boxer.

"I believe each fighter can possibly make more than 50 million US dollars from their fight. We will find in the weeks ahead when the negotiation starts," Bob Arum added.
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DOTA 2 Hero Krobelus ( The Death Prophet )

DotA 2 weekly patch update #11was released on 8th December, 2011. The patch enables the Dire Intelligence  Hero Krobelus( the death prophet ) and fixes the usual bugs and glitches that appears in the game. Krobelus is considered to be a strong int. pick capable of carrying, pushing and nuking throughout the game. Her skills provide massive AOE nukes and battle-winning 6 seconds silence making her most favorite hero in pub games.See some in-game screenshots and hero preview below.

Krobelus (The Death Prophet) Preview

Here are some in-game screenshots using it's skills:

Death Prophet idle at Radiant middle lane

Death Prophet 1st Skill – Locust Swarm

Death Prophet 2nd Skill – Silence

Death Prophet Ultimate skill – Exorcism

Death Prophet Exorcism / Locust Swarm Combo

What can say about the new model of Krobelus? Looks great huh? Keep visiting Cuizon Leads for more DotA 2 Updates!

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Friday, December 9, 2011

Pacquiao Will Have a Hard Time Fighting Cotto If There's Rematch

Manny Pacquiao will have a hard time fighting the Puerto Rican Miguel Cotto if there's a rematch according to boxing trainer Emmanuel Steward.

Pacquiao won by a TKO in the fight against Cotto last 2009 after the referee stop the fight in the final round.

Recently, Miguel Cotto showed his vengeance against Margarito in their rematch and won by TKO early in the 10th round.

"Cotto is boxing better and not keeping his head down so much. Now that he's not having to kill himself to make weight, if they fought at the proper weight, about 150 or more, I think he has a good chance," said Steward.

"I think it would be a rough fight... It would be a tough fight for Manny, " Steward added.
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Mayweather Fights Nothing Like Marquez According To Freddie Roach

The undefeated fighter Floyd Mayweather Jr. have a different style compared to Juan Manuel Marquez even though their both counter-punchers.

"Floyd is a counter-puncher, but a much different counter puncher than Marquez. Marquez takes many more chances than Floyd," said Roach. "Floyd is a tough opponent, but I wouldn't compare him to Marquez because he fights nothing like Marquez," Roach added.

Mayweather was known for his great defense ans his skill to neutralize the attacks of the opponent by the use of his footwork and speed. But Roach said that Mayweather has bad habits during fights that Manny Pacquiao can make use of.

"I think we can take advantage of those bad habits. He does have some bad habits that can be exposed," says Roach who believe that Mayweather will have a tough fight with his speed if the opponent is left-handed.

According to Freddie Roach, they are working on a game plan against Floyd Mayweather Jr.
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Cebu City's P5.2-Billion Budget For The Year 2012

After a one month session, the Cebu City Council approved the P5.2-billion budget for the year 2012. Mayor Michael Rama originally proposed a P10.7-billion budget but more or less half of the proposed budget was approved by the Council.

These are the highlights of the Cebu City's P5.2-billion approved budget for 2012:

  • P50 - million for 93-1 deposits;
  • P25 - million for relocation settlement sites;
  • P100 - million for Champ, medical assistance program;
  • P300 - million for senior citizens financial assistance;
  • P200 - million for scholarship (originally P100 - million);
  • P25 - million for persons with disability;
  • P400 - million for barangay assistance;
  • P175 - million for service vehicles;
  • P80 - million for motor vehicles;
  • Php2,000.00 for every lupon member and barangay secretary and treasurer's honorarium;
  • P104 - million drainage for the local development fund;
  • P100 - million drainage project for the general fund;
  • P40 - million for the medicines in Cebu City Medical Center (CCMC);
  • P100 - million for the unit-2 Carbon Market;
  • Plus the travel funds for the officials outside the country (not stated);

We just hope these funds will be use in their respective and allocated areas and not for the corrupted officials to make business with.
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NBA 2011-12 Season Schedule Is Now Complete

Even though there's still no official agreement between the team owners and the players about the sharing of the profits in the league, the National Basketball Association (NBA) released their over-all schedule for the 2011-2012 Season.

The 66th Season, where 66 games are to be played instead of 82 for every team, will kick off on Christmas Day after the agreement of the two camps to end the NBA lockout.

The regular season will end on April 26 next year, then the playoff will start on April 28. The Finals will have it's schedule on June 26.

The first two teams to play the opening day are the finalist in the last season, the defending champion Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat.
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" Whoever The Opponent Is", Says Pacquiao

Even though Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the top priority for the nest fight of the pound-for-pound champion next year, the champ Manny Pacquiao said that his ready to fight whoever the opponent is incase the negotiation between his camp and Maywaether's camp fails.

Pacquiao stated that the Mexican Juan Manuel Marquez and Timothy Bradly are the possible opponents for his next fight next year. Pacquiao added that he is not closing his doors for the possibility of fighting again the World Boxing Council (WBC) Light-Middleweight King Miguel Cotto, whom he knockout in the 12th round last 2009.

Cotto's name appeared to be the next opponent of the pound-for-pound champion after he won by a 10th round TKO in his rematch against the Mexican Antonio Margarito.
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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mendoza Planned A 6th Round Knockout For Bautista

According to the Mexican knockout artist Miguel Mendoza, he has no other reason in going to Cebu aside from doing a knockout to Rey "Boom-Boom" Bautista in their fight.

Mendoza will try to do this plan this Saturday in his fight against Bautista which will defend the IBF International Featherweight Title in the main event of "Pinoy Pride 10" boxing promotion in the Hoops Dome in Lapu-lapu City, Cebu.

Mendoza has a perfect knockout record of 17-0, 17KOs.

According to Mendoza's interpreter, "He came to Cebu to fight and when he fight, he always delivers a knockout. He predict to do it within six rounds."

"He came for a knockout but he's ready to finish the fight. He's very interested in exchanging of hit. He hope Boom-Boom will not run. He wants to exchange hits with Boom-Boom," the interpreter added.

Let's just see this Saturday if Mendoza's plan works to Rey "Boom-Boom" Bautista in their main event in the "Pinoy Pride 10".
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Freddie Roach Shows No Interest In Pacquiao - Cotto 2

The American  trainer Freddie Roach shows no interest in the pound-for-pound champion Manny Pacquiao fighting the Puerto Rican Miguel Cotto for the second time.

This is the reaction of the Five-time Trainer of the Year Awardee about the possibility of Pacquiao - Cotto rematch that pops-up after Cotto won the rematch against the Mexican Antonio Margarito by a TKO early in the 10th round just recently.

Roach explained that there's a bigger fight for the pound-for-pound champion Manny Pacquiao. His fight against the American Floyd Mayweather Jr.

For Pacquiao's coach, he only wants Mayweather to be Pacquiao's next opponent. "Well, I want to see Mayweather for Pacquiao," said Roach.
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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sinulog Outdoor Advertising In Cebu City

If your not from Cebu and you came across the front of Abellana National School in Cebu City this time (December). You would probably  ask why the City Government let vendors have their stalls just outside the said school and in the sidewalks. You wouldn't think that's a good idea right? But don't you worry because the Outdoor Advertising and Selling is part of the SINULOG Festivities.

Now, vendors from Mindanao have started displaying their products on the sidewalk in front of the Abellana National School in Cebu City. Although the annual fair is part of the Sinulog Festivities, City Hall allows vendors to start selling during the busy Christmas Season.

Just in time for the Christmas Season because you can buy cheap items and products in the fair if you want to give someone a gift. And note, you can usually make a "hangyo" or "tawad" for the item you want to buy.

Most of the products in the fair are t-shirts, jackets, shorts, dress, pajamas, shoes, sandals, slippers, toys and a lot more.
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Monday, December 5, 2011

The 37th Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) Official Entries

The 37th Metro Manila Film Festival Official Entries.

The Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) have their official Entries for December 25, 2011 showing. Enteng joined forces with Ang tanging ina mo star Ai-Ai. For Panday 2, we have Senator Bong Revilla and Marian Rivera tandem. The animation of the previous installment of the movie looks good already and lets hope it will continue to improve. 

Enteng Ng Ina Mo
Enteng Ng Ina Mo Movie Trailer

starring : Vic Sotto and Ai-Ai de las Alas
Producer : Star Cinema / M-Zet Films / APT Entertainment

Segunda Mano
Segunda Mano Movie Trailer

Starring : Kris Aquino, Angelica Panganiban and Dingdong Dantes
Producer : MJM Production

Panday 2
 Panday 2 Movie Trailer

Starring : Bong Revilla, Philip Salvador, Iza Calzado and Marian Rivera
Producer : GMA Films / Imus Production

Kingpin : The Asiong Salonga Story
Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story

Starring : George Estregan jr., Philip Salvador, Baron Geisler
Producer :

Shake Rattle and Roll 13
Shake Rattle and Roll 13 Movie Trailer

Starring : Eugene Domingo, Paulo Avelino, Albie Casino, Maricar Reyes, Kathryn Bernado
Producer : Regal Films

My House Husband, Ikaw Na!
My House Husband, Ikaw Na! Movie Trailer

Starring : Ryan Agoncillo and Judy Ann Santos
Producer : Octo Arts

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Movie Trailer

Starring : Dennis Trillo, Heart Evangelista, Carla Abellana and Ritz Azul
Producer: Studio 5.

So which entry /ies you will be watching this holiday season? Why not all diba? Lol .. If you can afford to do so. ^^
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SM City Cebu's Christmas Village Of Hope

SM City Cebu formally opened the Christmas Village of hope at the Northwing Atrium last November 26.

The village is rooted in the elaborate Christmas traditions of the Pennsylvania Dutch. The Christmas Village of Hope aims to raise funds for the indigent children with cancer under the care of Kythe Foundation Inc. The funds are for the laboratory, chemotherapy and medicine needs of the children, and the Kythe-sponsored celebrate life parties and events.

 Closer View

Top View

Donors may visit the Northwing Atrium for their donations and pledges. Check out the Facebook account bearing the name "Christmas Hope" to choose the "Christmas Houses" they wish to adopt or sponsor. Each of the miniature houses costs Php5,000.00, while the train/carriage is for adoption at Php20,000.00.

The Christmas Village of Hope will run until January 2.
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NBA Games Kick Off On December 25

After a 149-day lockout, with the first seven weeks done in by the labor dispute, National Basketball Association (NBA) Games will kick off on December 25.

The tournament will be shortened to 66 games and will end on April 26, then the play-offs will start two weeks after.

The agreement was forged over the Thanksgiving weekend, with the players guaranteed  51% of all basketball-related income (57% in the last CBA). The agreement is for 10 years but with each side having the right the opt out after six years. By then we just hope lockout will not happen again.
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Cebu City Hall To Release 150M Aid For Elderly

City Hall schedules distribution of P150M cash aid to senior citizens and persons with disabilities.

The Cebu City Government will shell out at least 150 million this month as financial aid for senior citizens and persons with disabilities (PWDS) in the city.

The acting City Treasurer Tessie Camarillo said they are scheduled to release the P138-million cash assistance on Thursday for 46,000 qualified senior citizens. The City Treasurer's Office (CTO) also intends to release a P12.9-million cash aid for 6,452 PWDs in the city before Christmas or after the release of the financila assistance for the elderly.

Senior citizens who qualify as beneficiaries shall receive Php3,000.00 Christmas cash gift while the PWDs shall get Php2,000.00 from the city government.
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Globe BlackBerry Social Plan

Globe has introduced the Globe BlachBerry Social Plan, which provides users unlimited access to their favorite social networking and instant messaging sites. Aside from access to BlackBerry Messenger or BBM, users also get unlimited use of Facebook, Twitter and Instant Messaging with this news Globe BlackBerry Social Plan.

Globe BlackBerry Social Plan costs Php299.00 for 30 days. If you want to avail the service, just text BB SOCIAL ON to 8888.
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Puerto Rican Gets His Vengeance By TKO

Miguel Cotto battered a one-eyed Antonio Margarito over nine lopsided rounds before winning a TKO decision at the start of 10th round in their highly anticipated rematch last Saturday at Madison Square Garden.

Miguel Cotto, whom Antonio Margarito said hits like a girl, punishes the Mexican in their rematch. Margarito's eyes got closed anew, forcing the referee to stop the fight on the advice of the doctor.

Cotto, who improved his record to 37-2-0, earned a punishing measure payback for his loss to Margarito three years ago. The Puerto Rican fighter was never seriously threatened and easily retained his WBA Super Welterweight Title.
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