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Friday, November 25, 2011

BiliBid Penny Auction Website In Philippines

BiliBid is a penny auction website wherein users can bid for a specific item using bid points. Just like the usual bidding process, whoever bids the highest price for the item, wins the auction. BiliBid gives an amazing opportunity to Filipino consumers to purchase items on lowest prices.

How to start in BiliBid? There are just 4 easy steps to get started with this penny auction website. Below is the BiliBid 101: Getting Started image as a guide to new or incoming members to this website.

Step 1 is to register in the website. Of course that would be the first in all website. Lol, you can register HERE or just click in the BiliBid 101 Image.

Step 2 is to buy bid points or to load up your account with bid points. The site will give you 10 FREE bid points after signing up but that's not enough so you should load up your account by buying on registered dealer. You can purchase bid points through LoadCentral retailers nationwide or by PayPal. Bid packs starts at 100 pesos.

Step 3 is to place your bid on your selected items. This is done by clicking the BID button on the item. You can place bids on all the auctioned items if you can afford to do so.

Step 4 is winning the item auctioned. Of course this is not easy because members wait on the last 10 seconds of the bidding time before bidding and in this rate, the more bid points you have the more chances you have in winning the item. I suggest to store a lot of bid points in your account if you want to win a certain auctioned item.

There you go. If you like auctions and love to win items then go start with BiliBid. They features a lot of new gadgets weekly. This week (Nov. 21 - Nov. 27, 2011) they are featuring in the auction 4 latest gadgets. The iPod Touch 8GB, Backberry Curve 9360, SONY T110 Digicam and Nokia N8. So what are you waiting for? Join Us now! Click the button below.

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