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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Carla Abellana Maintains Wholesome Image Despite Sexy Pictorial

GMA 7 actress Carla Abellana  said boyfriend Geoff Eigenman knows about her daring print pictorial and the latter supports her showbiz career.

After the movie "My Neighbor's Wife," Carla now endorses an alcoholic beverage which has fueled speculations that she's ready for more mature and sexier print ads.

Carla stated that she will maintain her wholesome image and Geoff is aware of her sexy print ads.

"He knew about the photos, even before the pictorial was done and the calendar was launched. He's proud of me," Carla said.

"She did not need my approval for anything. It's okay with me. Carla thinks of every decision she was to go through. Whatever she decides on, I will support her," Geoff confirmed.

Carla will soon star the Asiong Salonga Story with Gov. ER Ejercito for the upcoming 2011Metro Manila Film Festival, where she has a steamy kissing scene with him.

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