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Friday, December 9, 2011

Cebu City's P5.2-Billion Budget For The Year 2012

After a one month session, the Cebu City Council approved the P5.2-billion budget for the year 2012. Mayor Michael Rama originally proposed a P10.7-billion budget but more or less half of the proposed budget was approved by the Council.

These are the highlights of the Cebu City's P5.2-billion approved budget for 2012:

  • P50 - million for 93-1 deposits;
  • P25 - million for relocation settlement sites;
  • P100 - million for Champ, medical assistance program;
  • P300 - million for senior citizens financial assistance;
  • P200 - million for scholarship (originally P100 - million);
  • P25 - million for persons with disability;
  • P400 - million for barangay assistance;
  • P175 - million for service vehicles;
  • P80 - million for motor vehicles;
  • Php2,000.00 for every lupon member and barangay secretary and treasurer's honorarium;
  • P104 - million drainage for the local development fund;
  • P100 - million drainage project for the general fund;
  • P40 - million for the medicines in Cebu City Medical Center (CCMC);
  • P100 - million for the unit-2 Carbon Market;
  • Plus the travel funds for the officials outside the country (not stated);

We just hope these funds will be use in their respective and allocated areas and not for the corrupted officials to make business with.

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