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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Cheers

We all know that Christmas is near. There's always something in the air that makes you feel warm and tingly. What are your favorite things about the Christmas season? Here are some of mine:

Christmas Carols
We especially like singing along during mass when the Advent Season begins because our church choirs start picking some of the best carols ever composed. The best part is, we all know the lyrics to these especial songs.

Christmas Colors
The house seems to have a burst of color this time of the year. All the bright red ribbons and green and gold trimmings are in every nook and cranny. it's especially cheerful to see all these ornaments hanging around the house.

Christmas Feast
All the food is surely mouth-watering. We begin seeing our favorites like ham, fruit salad, spaghetti and all kinds of desserts strewn all over the dining table and we sure can't get enough of it.

Christmas Weather
The air is definitely cooler these days! There's a wonderful feeling about cool air that's fresh and natural and not coming from an air conditioner.

Christmas Kindness
Is it just me, or is everyone else nice as Christmas time appears? Wether it's just some people trying to get on Santa's nice list or the good cheer is spreading quickly, we all know everyone seem to be in a good mood.

Christmas Presents
It's a lot of fun opening of presents. But, believe it or not, it's so much more fun giving to others. There's pure joy that comes from seeing someone smile because of something you gave and that's actually why we're all so happy come Christmas time.

What do you think? Is there something lacking? Hit the comment box and add your favorite things in Christmas Season.

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