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Sunday, December 25, 2011

DOTA 2 Gondar (Bounty Hunter) Preview

Bounty Hunter is a Radiant agility hero added in Dota 2 12/21/11 update. His name completely reflects his capabilities. He can work as a Bounty Hunter for a team by easily targeting weak opponent heroes in the battlefield. He is a hard carry hero with high damage nukes, slow and a perfect escape route through windwalk. Check out the Valve’s version of Bounty Hunter.

DOTA 2 Gondar (Bounty Hunter) Preview

Here are some in-game screenshots on the DOTA 2 Gondar with it's skills:

Bounty Hunter’s 1st Skill – Shuriken Toss

Bounty Hunter’s 2nd Skill – Jinada (passive)

Bounty Hunter’s 3rd Skill – Windwalk

Bounty Hunter Ultimate Skill – Track

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