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Sunday, December 4, 2011

DOTA 2 Hero N'aix ( The Lifestealer )

DotA 2 weekly patch update #10 was released on 1st December, 2011. The patch enables the Dire Strength Hero N'aix ( the lifestealer ) and fixes the usual bugs and glitches that appears in the game. The N'aix in DotA 2 looks like a crazy human turn into a fearless monster. It really looks scary. It carries his character in the game which dominates mostly in all games. Look at some hero preview below with it's skills.

N'aix ( The Lifestealer )

N'aix ( The Lifestealer ) Preview

Here are some in-game screenshots with it's skills:

N’aix at Sentinel woods

Naix Walking

Lifestealer’s 1st Skill – Rage

Lifestealer’s 3rd Skill – Open Wounds

Lifestealer’s Ultimate – Infest

What can you say about this new in-game model of the lifestealer? Just hit the comment box.

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