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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sinulog Outdoor Advertising In Cebu City

If your not from Cebu and you came across the front of Abellana National School in Cebu City this time (December). You would probably  ask why the City Government let vendors have their stalls just outside the said school and in the sidewalks. You wouldn't think that's a good idea right? But don't you worry because the Outdoor Advertising and Selling is part of the SINULOG Festivities.

Now, vendors from Mindanao have started displaying their products on the sidewalk in front of the Abellana National School in Cebu City. Although the annual fair is part of the Sinulog Festivities, City Hall allows vendors to start selling during the busy Christmas Season.

Just in time for the Christmas Season because you can buy cheap items and products in the fair if you want to give someone a gift. And note, you can usually make a "hangyo" or "tawad" for the item you want to buy.

Most of the products in the fair are t-shirts, jackets, shorts, dress, pajamas, shoes, sandals, slippers, toys and a lot more.

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