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Saturday, November 19, 2011

DOTA 2 Hero Alchemist

DotA 2 weekly patch update #8 was released on 17th November, 2011. The patch enables the Radiant Strength Hero Alchemist and fixes the usual bugs and glitches that appears in the game. Some says that the DOTA 2 Hero Alchemist looks really the same as the LOL hero Nunu. The model really is different from the DOTA 1 Alchemist. The modification of the model is I think overdone because it looks like Shrek in close view. Lol, see it for your self. Below are some screenshots.

Alchemist In-game Model

Some In-game screenshots with its skills.

Alchemist standing at Radiant fountain

Alchemist 2nd Skill, Acid Spray

Alchemist 2nd Skill, Unstable Concoction

Alchemist 3rd passive skill, Goblin’s Greed

Alchemist Ultimate, Chemical Rage

What do you think? Does it really look like Nunu in LOL or it's nearly the same face as Shrek? It's for you decide, good day!

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