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Saturday, November 19, 2011

DOTA 2 Hero Warlock

DotA 2 weekly patch #7 was released last 10th, November 2011. The patch enables a new in-game hero, Warlock and fixes the usual bugs and glitches. And in the Captain mode, it enables Omniknight and Dragon Knight. The DOTA 2 Warlock looks great but the Golem was changed, it really looks like a huge flame headed monster. See some image below of the hero.

Here are some screenshots with Warlocks skills:

Warlock with his Infernal (Reign of Chaos)

Warlock a Scourge Base

Warlock’s first skill, Fatal Bonds

2nd Skill, Shadow Word

3rd skill, Upheaval

Ultimate – Rain of Chaos

What can you say? Warlock looks like a Firelord huh? Great!

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