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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Miscrits Guide and Tips In Facebook

Everybody in the Miscrits World of Adventure are searching for a good guide and useful tips in the game. To be better in the battle arena and training the right Miscrits for battles. Here are some tips and guides I found in the net. I took those very useful tips and guides for you. See if it can help you.

 Important Things To Know About Miscrits:

1.Your first thought would probably be: “Whoa. A RARE Miscrit! It is definitely powerful, I’m SOOOO getting it for my team!” Basically, that is the wrong mindset, which brings me to:

2. You need to roughly know which kind of Miscrit you need, and know what skills they learn as well. You can find many skill lists on this blog. Also, you can visit the forums at There are definitely kind souls over there that will help you. Of course, rather than post a new thread, I’d suggest you use the search box. To summarize: A rare Miscrit is not necessarily something you need. Which brings me to:

3. You need find out important details about capturing the rare Miscrits. Fortunately, there is a great resource you can use to find out locations. Griffon at the forums has made a really AWESOME guide about it: Rare Miscrits Guide. You now should know where they are, and when they will be there. Now all that’s left is for you to know what type of Miscrit you need, but I’ll cover that more in the following posts. But first:

4. Rare Miscrits are not necessary for a good team. Rare Miscrits can help you, but they aren't always the best. A perfect example is Digsy. It is not rare, but has a very great skill list and some nice stats. You can read more about Digsy on Chris's blog by clicking on Miscrit Reviews at the top of the page, or by click this link: Digsy Review. Remember, you need to be dedicated to the game to find rares, but this is a mere game so it should NOT be affecting your life. Thus, please remember rares are NOT necessary.

Credits to Ang Yue Feng, AKA Leggy Guy for this important things to know about Miscrits.

Battle Arena Tips:

1. Take in 4 miscrits. This is common sense guys. If you have one miscrit, and I have 4, I'm going to win, even if I'm lousy at tactics.

2. Make sure your miscrits are fully healed in preparation for battle. Going into battle with miscrits that have only a half bar of health is pretty much guaranteeing a win to the other person.

3. Make sure your miscrits are evenly trained. The arena matches the levels of the top miscrits of each player. It doesn't take an average, or a mean, it's the TOP level. So I'm taking 4 level 10 miscrits into battle. And I'm being met with a level 10, 5, 3, and 1. If your miscrits aren't evenly trained, I'm going to wipe the floor with you.

4. Take in at least one of each element type you have available. I faced a player today who had 4 fire miscrits in the arena, and I took him out with a Hydrolion who lost only 3 health points in the entire battle. I didn't even need to look at any of my other miscrits.

Credits to the admin of face-gamers forum for this battle arena tips.

Feel free to drop a comment if you have something to add or something to say about this topic. ^^

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