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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Miscrits Cheats, Tips And Tricks In Facebook

With this Miscrits hack it takes seconds to get to the Elder tree and back again. It is really really simple and all you need is Cheat Engine 6.0. Cheat engine is basically a memory editor. It has been around for many years now so you know it is safe to download. I believe this is the official website but you can download it at other places.

How to speedhack in Miscrits

1) First thing you need to check what browser you are using. I use an up to date version of Firefox. I recommend using Firefox for this tutorial because it is what i've been using cheat engine 6.0 with. For ease of use, I suggest downloading Firefox browser if you don't have it. It is more secure than Internet Explorer.

2) Open Cheat Engine 6.0. Click the computer icon in the top left, to open a list of processes to read memory from.

 3) Select the process called "plugin-container.exe". Firefox places the flash plugin into this plugin container process which makes it really easy for us to read memory from. Once selected, press ok.

 4) At the top of the Cheat Engine 6.0 it should show the process it is accessing. If it says plugin-container.exe you're on the right track. Now what we're interested in is the right side of the screen. Look for the checkbox that says "Enable speedhack". By enabling this checkbox, you can now increase the "tick rate" of the process. So time passes quicker or slower according to the setting you give it.

You can now move the slider up to 10 and then go back to Miscrits. What you will find is that you can now zip along at 10x the speed. Making the repetitive task of walking MUCH easier.

I encourage you to experiment with different settings. Be aware that setting it too high may cause problems with the game and cause the browser to crash. No problem though, just open it up again. I find 10-15x speed enough. 

 That is it! you now have the ability to farm the Elder tree in seconds! You can also use it to heal really quickly and take the pain out of travelling in Miscrits world fo adventures.

5) Lastly, you can also create some hotkeys for easy switching between speeds in cheat engine. All you need to do is click "settings" in the top right of cheat engine, just underneath the logo. Then on the left, click "hotkeys" and begin setting your hotkeys. What I did is create hotkeys for my perfect setting using the number pad on the right of your keyboard. I have 1 for the normal setting of "1", another for "15" and 2 more which simply move the speed up by 1 and down by 1. This make sit much easier to control the Miscrits speedhack.

That's how the speedhack works. Give it a try! Credits to the admin of Happy playing Miscrits!

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