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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Wild Ones Cheats, Tips And Tricks In Facebook

Wild Ones is a Strategy/Social video game for Facebook. This a multi-player game which involves guns and ammo to kill the opponent and win the game. This is a great game, no wonder a lot of Facebook users are addicted to this game. I have here some cheats, tips and tricks to this game. Continue reading below.

Color Hack:

First use Cheat Engine 6. 0 and target your browser. Go to the pet shop and buy what ever pet you want. Put the main color gray and detail color gray. Now go to Cheat Engine 6. 0 and check hex, put the value 6C6C6C and click First Scan. After that, pick the main color to black on your pet. Then change the value in CE 6. 0 and put 000000 (6 zeros) and click Next Scan. There will be two addresses left right? , double click both of them and they go down. Now click the value of the addresses in the bottom and put the code 0x20000000. Now go back to Wild Ones and buy the pet. Now the code 0x20000000 is for black body and red outline.

Tips and Tricks:
  • How To Unlock DRAGON And PLATYPUS - Go to shop "pet" choose any pet (the one that is beside any member pet) then choose the the color of the pet that is beside the member pet and click "x" above the pet screen and quickly click the member pet beside it (that you chose) click rapidly the bottom left corner of the box under the pet. (you get ban fast if you're not a member) but delete the pet before you refresh or log out of th game. Note: you can watch this cheat/hack in youtube type at the search in youtube: how to unlock dragon and platypus in wild ones without membership. Please comment if there is a problem.
  • A Good Way To Get As Much Money As You Want In Wild Ones - Ok, now you have to make another facebook account (or use another account from your family) And so, you need two computers - get both accounts online (one account per computer. ) And make a private game called what you want it to be and then bet 200 cash and start the game. Use the account you want 500 dollars for (Or the one you bet. ) And win the battle and then you get 500 free cash!

  • How To Get Weapons,1 Or 2 Treats For Free! - Go to and play wild ones there, you will choose a guild there and if your guild competes in a tournament and won you might win a weapon and 1 or 2 treats. If you want to win 2 treats you must be the MVP in other words (the highest guild points to contribute by a player will be MVP) player of the tournament and will have 2 treats if you want to win weapons. You must contribute 30 or higher points before the time runs out the time is only 60mins (1 hour) before the tournament ends.

  • Easy Way To Get Guns, Ammo And Game Winning Nukes - To get guns, ammo and game winning nukes is to create another face book account. After that send a friends request to your main face book account. Go to your main and accept and start up wild ones. Click add neighbor and click your new account. It will say that it sent a notification to that account. Switch back to your new one and accept the neighbor request and start up wild ones. After you go through the the steps you will see a present at the bottom right. Click that and click send gifts to friends. After that click your main user to send it to. You should be able to keep doing it over and over again.

    That's all for now. Credits to cheatcodes for the tips. If you know some tips and tricks feel free to share it in the comment box. ^^

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