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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Microsoft CEO Reveal Windows 8 Creation

Much  of the 70-minute presentation in the International Consumer Electronics Show revolved around Microsoft's work on software that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballner has been promising will make the company a bigger factor in the increasing important market for smarthphones and computer tablets.

Microsoft Corp. hopes to make its biggest breakthrough with Windows 8, the next version of its dominant computer operating system due out later this year. As expected, Ballner didn't announce a specific date for Windows 8's mass-market release. Most analysts expect the system to hit the market in the late summer or early autumn.

Ballner calls Windows 8 a "no compromise" approach to computer tablets because the system will retain the familiar tools that people have been using on desktop computers for years.

A New Version

Microsoft's long-awaited push into a computer tablet market led by Apple's trend-setting iPad will come with the much-anticipated release of Windows 8.

Like Windows Phone, the next version of the Windows operating system will include a mosaic of tiles that will allow applications to the controlled with a swipe of the finger. Windows 8 will also respond to computer keyboard command and clicks from a computer mouse.

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